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EXA HPC uses the most common supercomputer architecture, Commodity Clusters. These systems use a large number of commodity hardware (PCs), which are interconnected by high-bandwidth low-latency local area networks. The operating system of choice for this architecture is Linux. Additionally, cluster systems which make use of the Microsoft Compute Cluster OS and Apple's XGrid system also exist. Two additional common classes of supercomputers are designs which utilise the NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) and Vector Processing architectures.

Why EXA HPC and not an Academic or Research Institution?

At an academic institution you would have to compete for time and expertise with ongoing research and other activities. Also, due to the open nature of academic environments there is a higher risk associated with the security of your data and activities. At EXA HPC your job you will be given the appropriate priority and your data will be handled securely. You also will be assisted by experts with many years of professional experience.

NEC igh Performance Computing Systems

EXA HPC has chosen cluster systems made by NEC Corporation. NEC supercomputing systems are highly regarded world-wide. They have been used for many years in a wide range of engineering, scientific, and financial applications.