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EXA HPC can provide various services. We can also work with your team to provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Computing Services

EXA HPC can provide access to a linux cluster to accelerate your computing performance. Access to modern C, C++, and Fortran compilers to develop your own serial or parallel applications is available. You can upload your own code/scripts, database, and libraries in your account. Our computing environment is quite flexible and can be customise to your requirements. We can also install, for a small fee, any commercial software you may require. We eliminate the need for you to purchase expensive cluster computational and storage equipment, and hiring support personnel.

Consulting Services


The personnel of EXA HPC have among them several years of UNIX (including Mac OSX), Linux, and Microsoft Windows installation, maintenance, administration, and support experience. We can provide on-site appraisals and audits of your serves and computers and improve their performance, reliability, and security.

Engineering and Computational Sciences

The company has vast experience in the fields of computational science and engineering (especially in computational fluid dynamics, structural mechanics and materials). We have many years of experience in using engineering tools such as ANSYS and Fluent, and have ready access to these software for consultancy purposes.

We also have a network of external consultants with experience in a variety of fields which include stochastic modelling, data mining, financial services, environmental science and others.

We have been working and publishing in these fields for many years. We can apply our knowledge and software to help you overcome your technical obstacles and design a better product.

Software Development Services

EXA HPC can provide complete software development services using a variety of programming languages.

Training Services

EXA HPC can provide classes and training to your staff on general usage of their computers, or specialised software. Contact us for more details.