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Privacy Policy


EXA High Performance Computing Ltd. is committed to protecting your personal information when you are using EXAHPC.COM. This Privacy Policy relates to our use of any personal information we might collect through This collection is for the sole purpose of offering you a continuously improved range and level of services.

The website might contain links to websites owned and operated by third parties. These third party websites have their own privacy policies and we urge all users to review them before using the websites and services offered. EXA HPC accepts no liability or responsibility for the practices of any third party websites. Your use of third party websites is done at your own risk.

What information is collected and how is it used?

EXAHPC.COM does not use cookies. We collect IP addresses and use analysis software to look at these IP addresses for the sole purpose of enhancing our services and the experience of the user. We may also use this information to block disruptive use of the website. We do not use this information to develop personal profiles of the users and we regularly purge our log files. Personal information is held on our systems for as long as is necessary for the relevant service. IP addresses are used to identify the location of users, the visits to particular sections of the website, and the country/region where the user is located.

Marketing purposes

EXAHPC.COM will never contact you for marketing purposes. You may be contacted by EXAHPC.COM if you have agreed to be contacted for such purposes. Note that EXA High Performance Computing Ltd. may contact you for marketing purposes.

Disclosure of personal information

All your information is kept confidential except where we are required by law to disclose it. Our general principle is that your information is only used within EXA High Performance Computing Ltd. If a user sends offensive or inappropriate material or engages in disruptive behaviour on EXAHPC.COM EXA High Performance Computing Ltd might use your personal information to stop such behaviour. If the user is in breach of any of the laws of the Cyprus EXA High Performance Computing Ltd. may user your personal information to inform the appropriate authorities about the content and your behaviour.