Who are we?

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About Us

EXA High Performance Computing Ltd (EXA HPC) is a small and expanding high technology company providing:

1. High Performance Computing/multi-core software development
2. eResearch and technology development.
3. Utility and High Performance Computing, consulting and, training services.

EXA HPC serves customers in both academia and commercial institutions. The Company has established a number of collaboration agreements with academic and business partners active in its target markets to better develop its products and services (and is actively pursuing additional partnerships).

We strive to make our services easy to use. Our main aim to establish and develop long term relationships with our clients. To this end, we work closely with clients to understand their needs and offer them optimal service.


The founding team includes three partners with doctoral qualifications (materials and chemical engineering and computer science), an experienced systems engineer with a master's degree and a seasoned entrepreneur with an MBA. The Company founders have, amongst them, many years of multinational (Europe, North America, and Asia) professional experience in all aspects of high performance computing and business development and management. The Company can also draw upon a group of highly skilled scientists and engineers to offer its clients all skills necessary for successful project/service development and conclusion.


The company is incorporated in Cyprus. The mailing address is:

EXA High Performance Computing Ltd
Triptolemou 11/104
1087 Nicosia

VAT number: 10227752U
Company registration number: C227752